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Monday, 16 February 2015
Fifth Shades of Grey a Review by Duffy

Fifty Shades of Grey


Review by Tammy Duffy

A film about dominance, dominated the market this weekend, Fifty Shades of Grey. Is the movie really about dominance, submissiveness or a true love story where two people find love at the highest of levels. Does this couple have what people long for, a relationship filled with love, trust and communication that works at all levels? You betcha! Hence, why they made almost $90 million in the opening weekend. American's long for the great American love story.  We are romantics at heart.


When the first book by E. L. James was released I had a friend loan it to me to read. When she gave it to me to read she said, "Oh my god, tell me what you think of the book, this poor girl went through hell." After I read the book I told my friend what I thought. I said, "Lucky girl." I did not view what she went through as hell.  I read the other two books in the trilogy. They were enjoyable, but I do question why the ending of the third book, E. L. James killed her ability to write the next book.  I will not ruin the ending for those who have not read it. It was not the ending I wanted.


Anastasia Steele found someone who she could really communicate with at all levels. They trusted each other. So many relationships and marriages end because there is no trust and no communication. I think all couple should go through courses before they get married that evaluate their ability to communicate and trust each other. This will lower the divorce rate.


During the filming of this movie Dakota, according to sources, never went into the red room until she had to be filmed. She wanted to be surprised at all levels. Consequently, during the filming Dornan spent a lot of time in the red room during filming to acquaint himself with the tools.


Charlie Hunnam was originally cast in the role of Christian Grey alongside Dakota Johnson in the role of Anastasia Steele. Hunnam gave up the part with Jamie Dornan taking over. It was a tough casting call after Charles Hunnam had to quit the film. Dornan clearly needs acting classes.


The soundtrack of the film is fantastic. At the opening of the film legendary artist, Annie Lennox belts out , “I put a spell on you”. My mind gets lost in her voice.  It was just fabulous.


 Dakota Johnson did a fantastic job capturing the essence of the character Anastasia as demonstrated in the books. Her shy innocence, yet her ability to dominate the film and the story is captured perfectly.  However, Jamie Dornan cannot act. He cannot kiss, He cannot perform S&M, he cannot he cannot he cannot....If I was going to let someone tie me up to a bed post there better be chemistry and he better know what he is doing. He had the mannerisms of Doogie Howser, MD. The change in casting at the last minute is palpitated in this film. This should be a lesson to director, Sam Taylor-Johnson. A director always needs to have a back-up plan. 


Dornan did not capture the essence of Christian Grey, Charlie Hunnam would have. Amelia Warner, Dornan's wife has nothing to worry about having her husband in this film. He was so awkwardly animated in the film that I found myself laughing at him. I felt bad for him. He was as awkward as a virgin scientist. However, Anastasia's chemistry portrayed towards Grey was spot on to the book. So, one may ask, why did E. L James chose to make Grey look so sexually awkward in this film? Why did she cast Dornan who has the persona of the weirdo Chris who is currently on the Bachelor series? There is no doubt this is because of the sudden changing in casting, their choices were limited. Dornan  should take acting lessons before they start filming the rest of the films.


I have reset my expectations for Grey's character in the film and definitely think the other two films will be enjoyable. According to sources, Melanie Griffith said she will not go and see the film, due to the nudity of her daughter. The film is not about the nudity in my opinion. I think Griffith should go see it for she would be very proud of what her daughter has done.

Posted by tammyduffy at 7:58 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 16 February 2015 10:02 AM EST

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