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Saturday, 21 September 2019
Public Trust is Shredded


Public Trust in Hamilton Has Been Shredded





The Public Safety Director in Hamilton has lost the trust of the residents of Hamilton and they do not care. Trust in your government is essential to the sustainability of the government.  This lack of trust has decreased the effectiveness and efficiency in the Hamilton government operations. The continued blatant disregard for the public's safety by the administration in a word is.....terrifying


The residents of Hamilton are properly appalled at the abuses that have occurred during what we will call, Textgate. Textgate,  represents the bankruptcy of the American political system.  It also represents a series of illegal acts and bad judgements by a number of individuals. It was the system and courageous people that brought the facts to light.   It will in the end bring those that are guilty to justice.  A system that in the end could include a determined jury,  an honest prosecutor, a courageous judge, and a vigorous free press.  With their help the residents of Hamilton will heal and rebuild trust in their government. It will rebuild Hamilton. 


It is essential now that we place our faith in that system, especially in the judicial system.  It is essential that we let the judicial process move forward.  We must respect the safeguards to convict the guilty.  It is essential in reacting to the excesses of others, that others do not fall into excesses themselves.  It is also essential that we are not distracted by events of yesterday, that  we neglect the vital work before us.  Before this town at a time of critical importance to this town. 


Public trust of the leadership is lost in Hamilton.  The leadership owes it to the residents to speak to us on the critical issues. We are into day 61 of their refusal to do so. Yesterday, statements were made about vindication. There was no vindication, if there were, there would not have been charges in the first place. There would not be text messages and supporting documentation that proved what occurred, occurred. The Public Safety Director did not pay a fine yesterday, but they will forever pay a fine to the residents of Hamilton.  The lost of public trust with all the failures in the administration, 2 other directors charged, the removal of the CFO to ensure a budget that would not have gotten approved, slipped thru,   the issues at the animal shelter, failed economic development, failed inspections of food establishments, the failure list goes on and on. The administrations failures are extensive and costing the town millions of taxpayers dollars. 


There will be continued distrust by the residents of the Public Safety Officer in Hamilton and the administration. The current scandals and those yet to be disclosed,  will forever cast a shadow on the town.  The permanent public distrust towards the leadership in  the government will permanently leave a scar on every person in Hamilton. These scandals have made such an impression, that it’s suffix “-gate” has been used to name other scandals that have occurred around the world in the past decades. Textgate, Animalsheltergate, CFOgate, gate, gate, gate gate…..


God bless the MCPO, the free press and every resident who is fighting to make a better Hamilton. To safeguard our future and help rebuild public trust. Everyone must continue to fight for what is right. 


The government has failed its residents and lost the public trust in Hamilton, that is not vindication in any rational persons world.  But, we are not talking about rational people here.  The only time the current Public Safety Director and administration will be vindicated, is when they finally admit guilt, that they made huge mistakes, and will speak to the residents about all the issues. Until then, there is ZERO vindication. 


Hamiltonians for a better Hamilton, must join forces to continue to hold those accountable, accountable. The deception runs deep, and the residents are not a care in their world.  The abuse of authority and defiance of subpoenas by the administration is terrifying for residents. The acts of defiance and ignorance to public safety is just radically delinquent. 


What’s next, will the administration feel that have a legal right to disclose all the medical history of anyone who ever walked into the health office, of the employees at the township? They already are on that path. At a recent council meeting the Environmental Safety Officer disclosed private health information of an employee at a council meeting. This was a large HIPAA violation that was reported by residents to the proper authorties.    


There is nothing frivolous about these behaviors in the administration. The habitual refusal to meet with the public by the Public Safety Director proves that they have something to hide. The habitual refusal to properly react to subpoenas, proves they have something to hide.  What are they hiding that the residents have yet to disclose? That is the scary question residents ask themselves every day in Hamilton. Residents can only hope the removal of computers in a raid by the MCPO will disclose what they are hiding. 


The safety of residents is in jeopardy in so many aspects. An elderly resident brought to the attention of the Public Safety Director an issue on their street. The issue focuses on the fact that emergency vehicles, trash trucks etc cannot get around their court due to the numerous cars that park on the court. The township engineers this week told them, there is nothing the township can do.  That it is up to the police to correct the issue. The police will say, it’s not their issue.  This consistent passing of the buck endangers residents’ lives. Emergency vehicles cannot get to these homes, and the Public Safety director takes zero ownership on this issue. So the residents who live in on this court could die from the lack of a fire truck getting to their homes. They could die do to the fact an ambulance cannot get to them. The Public Safety Director is allowing this to happen. They will own the tragic outcome, if God forbid something ever happens to residents on that court and emergency services cannot get to them.  


The Public Safety Director is not been vindicated.  The PSD is not focused on public health, the proper running of the animal shelter,  the proper leadership behaviors needed to ensure public safety.  The Neighborhood Watch groups are taking on additional responsibilities, fighting the crime in the administration as well as local crime in their neighborhoods.  They are tired of the sleepness nights they have due to the lack of concern by the local leadership. 


The public is not the only thing in danger in Hamilton. The data in the township is also in danger.  We wrote an article on a recent large shredfest that occurred in Hamilton. In addition, the employees are using Dropboxes to back up their data from their computers. A free service not encrypted; it is not a secure cloud service. How does that make you feel? The director of IT, the Public Safety director and Clerks office in Hamilton, has a legal and ethical responsibility to safeguard the government data. 


They have failed the residents. When residents OPRA  emails, they always get the response, sorry the data does not exist. How is that possible?  Yet, they claim they are an open government. The only thing open is their own hands to feed themselves and their inner circle.  Their hands are definately in the cookie jar. 

Posted by tammyduffy at 10:18 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 21 September 2019 1:35 PM EDT

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