Tribute for my Father

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My company logo was developed as a remembrance of my Dad. The name, his, DUFFY. The red symbolizes that fact that my Father was a Marine. The strength of the Marines will protect me forever and my company. The circle around the D symbolizes my Father's arms around all of us. Giving all who wear DUFFY designs the strength, knowledge, and fortitude to be all you can be. Never take no for an answer and always follow your heart.  MY Dad was an incredible person and my love for him grows each day as he watches everything I do from the world above.

Spirtual Garden Built for my Dad and friend Mark Woodcock at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ


Some children miss out on their fathers because they decide to be physically absent, choosing work or hobbies over spending time with their kids. Other parents are emotionally absent, not letting their children see that they even have emotions, hiding who they really are, maybe because they are embarrassed by their feelings, or afraid, they don't cry, or hug, or kiss their children.

With my father, he was always there for me in both body and spirit, showing me by his living example what it was like to be a father and a husband, that it was possible for a man to show tenderness, to be unafraid of open affection with his children, and to be a loving husband. He was selfless with us all.

It is impossible to speak of my father without also speaking of my mother, because they were one.  My Dad showed me what true love was like. My Father idolized my Mother. Dad loved us all more than any us can imagine. When it became too hard for him to live on, the pain that was the greatest for him was never his own, but rather the pain that he saw in us.  The night before my Father died, he wrote a love letter to the family. He knew he was going to pass. It’s a letter I cherish and read often. A man who had so much love for all of us.

When we lose loved ones, so many families are worried about all the things left unsaid because they were not brave enough to say them and they ran out of time.  I was lucky, because of my father's openness.  We always said to each other what needed to be said.  There are no regrets about that thanks to his openness, his willingness, his understanding and his love. We used to meet for coffee all the time to talk. He would come to my house to just talk. I miss those interactions but the love for my Dad has grown more and more even with each day that he is not here with me. Those interactions were precious gifts that I will never forget.

But the most important thing I can say about my father is that through our relationship he was able to spare me the void that so many people have in lives. I never doubted that my Dad loved me. He told me so whenever we spoke. We always hugged.  We shared ideas, fears and he never judged. He guided me. That is the greatest gift that a father can give to his child. I consider it a miracle that he had the strength of spirit to be able to give to me.

As a little girl I looked up to him walking in his steps was all that I knew. The games we played, the times we've shared, he always showed in everything, the way one should care. The older I got, the more I knew the joy it was to be his daughter. He was always  around for me and always loved me unconditionally. Even when I pulled a wild stunt he still loved me and helped me realize how dumb I was without making me feel dumb.  He would say, Your Mother is going to kill you and she is going to kill me if I do not kill you.


He often showed me right from wrong but also taught me how to not be meek but strong. His patience and his gentle care was everlasting and will always be there for me. A young lady I soon grew up to be in academics and accomplished in life because of his leadership, guidance and love. With all his love and all his praise he helped build me into the woman I am, especially strong in spirit and love.


Dad, you’re like the sun to me, a sure thing, always there, beaming light and warmth onto my life. Whatever is good in me today, I owe to your wisdom, your patience, your strength, and your love. You taught me by example, not taking no for an answer, moving forward when people tell you that you will fail, being a role model, how to be my own person, how to believe in myself, instructing me without controlling me. Even when we disagreed, you held us together, so our bond was never broken. I understand what you did for me, and I am so grateful that I had you as my solid foundation, my rock. I respect you, I admire you, I love you, my guiding light, my Dad.


Do you know who I want to be like? It’s not Roosevelt, Reagan or Ike, or Valentino. It’s my Dad. Who taught me to drive and skate? Who taught me to care and not hate? It’s my Dad. The man I’ll respect till I die. Who taught me always to try, It was my Dad. He was never too busy for me. His love was unconditional.


To this day I get warm and safe feelings when I think of him. When I wear his ring, his dog tags, his marine pins I feel safe.  When I go to Rome he is there with me.  With him, I never felt pressure to be what someone else wanted me to be; he loved me enough to let me be me. He was never in a hurry; he always took time to listen and to help. He was always there for me when I needed him; even now.  He was never too busy for talks, for walks. I could always count on his wisdom, his life experiences, his understanding heart to help me comprehend and get through challenges he had already faced. He was part parent, part teacher, part best friend.  His strength and his easy, calm confidence is his legacy to me, and I love you dearly Dad! 


And remember time waits for no one. Dream big, be passionate and remember the great man who taught us how do this. Mark Woodcock, my friend. We miss you and love you dearly! He is our angel constantly watching over us.


Always tell those you love that you love them. Always take time for your friends and family for time waits for no one. Embrace each other every day and laugh until it hurts.  Mark taught us all how to laugh, love life and be the happiest we can be.


So in closing, for my dearest Dad and my dearest Mark we dedicated this lovely spot for you forever at the Grounds for Sculpture.  As we visit this spot in the future we will always feel your embrace and love and relive our memories.  We all wanted to say how much we love you both  in every way and miss you. You'll always be the kings of my heart.


Dad, you were my love from the very first start. I will always love you and I will always miss you. Thank you so much for all your wisdom, guidance and love. I can only hope to be half the person you were in life.  So in loving memory we dedicate these trees to my dearest Father, John Duffy, Sr. and dearest friend, Mark Woodcock. The plaque you see has an abbreviated poem on it.




Love…Time…Eternity…Tammy and Francisco


The entire poem is…



If kisses were the water, we would have given you the sea

If hugs were the leaves, we give you these trees

If love is time, you have given us eternity


Love always,  Tammy and Francisco



The beautiful garden with Dogwood and Cherry Trees.


Click on this link above. For Father's Day 2011, the world renonwn Johnny Rodgers Band put together a lovely video in honor of Father's to coincide with the shown in the video four times. This is a lovely song and music video. Enjoy!