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2011: Fashion Designer/Artist/ Photographer

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2011: Fashion Designer/Artist/ Photographer
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What will happen in New Year for Tammy: 2011 NEWS


Prepare paintings for exhibitions for April  2011 in NJ
Prepare photography for Russian exhibition Sept 2011
Feb 10-17, 2011: Fashion Week NYC: Photographer for All the runway shows
Feb: Will present to Congress legislation focused on Lung Cancer Screening and awareness with Lung Cancer Coalition
April: Solo Show in Princeton NJ of 30 of my paintings
Art Exhibition in Vienna, Austria, June 2011

Time: June 15, 2011 at 6pm to June 30, 2011 at 7pm
Location: Vienna TRAVELGALLERY


A philanthropic exhibition will be held in Vienna-TravelGallery from 15-30 June 2011.  The exhibition focuses on that Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution which is based in Austria.  My work will be on display with 25 other artists. 

June 18th: Brain Tumor Walk in NYC, photographer and volunteer for event
Member of NYC Socialites Unite.
One Million Bones Exhibition in Wash DC. Sculpture by Tammy to be on display that will help raise money for the genocides, famines and armed conflicts against the women in the Congo
Sept: Art exhibition in Russia
Sept: Fashion Week NYC: Photographer for Runway shows
DEC: I will be showing my photography at a group exhibition at
the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, 102 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
December 8 - December 30, 2011
Opening Reception Thursday December 8 , 7-9pm
Continued work on School in Peru
         Entitlement rights for deed of ownership to the land
         Plans for the school building for the govt and Civil Defense
         Rights and submission of documents for registration
         Entitlement for electrical installation, accessories for lights and    cesspool and installation
         Work with architect to develop new plans for school
2012: China Exhibition of my Art
2013: Brazilian Cultural Art Center exhibition of my ART
Volunteer at Grounds for Sculpture and get docent training
Created a blog, www.tammyduffy.com/blog   demonstrating art and fashion shenanigans