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Friday, 27 September 2019
Mayor visits Hamilton West GALRE Class








 Mayor visits Hamilton West GALRE Class:

A Political Roast 


click on the link below to listen to the entire presentation to the GALRE Students





Yet another missed opportunity brought to you by the Public Safety Director of Hamilton


Take a read........ 




The Public Safety Director/Mayor started her interaction with the students talking about the windows in the schools. She did not know how a student could get out in case of emergency. She actually said, “I did not know that”, when the teacher explained how the windows worked in the classroom. The teacher also stated, “We do not have much faith in them.”

“Wow”, said the public safety director of Hamilton. She had no idea how the windows worked or what advice to give to the students in the event of an emergency.  That is not good. 

The Mayor was introduced as a lifelong resident who has been employed by the township for 13 years.  She started the talk with, “I am the first female mayor in the township and up for re-election.”  She shared she is the first Mayor with a Mayor-mobile.  It was interesting she took this approach, vs, wanting to learn about the students and what is important to them.  The Mayor is a graduate of Nottingham and stated she attended Stockton State College.

The Mayor went on to say she has been asked if she lives in the municipal building, does she have a jet, or a butler. Well, the butler part we may disagree with. The staff of the Mayor has been photographed, carrying her water, umbrellas, picking up dog poo from her animal in her car, having to dress up in drag, act as her backup dancers, etc.  She does not have a jet, but she has a fully outfitted Mayor-mobile.

As the Public Safety Director she stated she wants to get a feel for every school in the township. She stated that she is the first mayor to ever go into every school. We guess that the schools lack signage, see something say something.  One might ask how she missed the mushrooms and mold growing at the schools, which pose a public health threat to the students.  The Mayor went on to state that after the shooting in Newtown she wanted a feel for every school and how they are focused on safety. Yet, when residents OPRA’d the SOPS for the schools as it pertained to safety and cleanliness, they were told none exist. In the absence of SOP’s how are the children being kept safe by the Public Safety Director and the administrative staff of Hamilton? There are 17 elementary, 4 high schools and 3 middle schools in Hamilton. Where are the policies as it pertains to student safety?

She stated that she works hand in hand with DeRocco to ensure the schools are running and performing smoothly. Yet, on her calendar we could not find scheduled meetings that represented this level of dedication she shared with the GALRE students.

The Mayor went on to share that the town pays $6,000 a year to tell us the temperature of our bridges and crosswalks, that the township is solely responsible for the student’s safety to and from school. Yet, the crosswalks have not been painted in years at the schools.  So, we guess the Public Safety Director forgot to budget paint for her team. 


After attending college she ran for the Board of Education, she sat as VP on HBOE.  She also took full credit for a grant that the township received for the school systems. The mayor then said she has never thrown another politician under the bus. Maybe that is true, she has thrown them under a row of busses, not just one.  Maybe that is what she needs the Mayor-mobile for, to try and jump the buses like Evil Knievel over the residents and politicians she ostracizes. 

She went on to say, “Can you guess who said this to me?”

-Hamilton will never elect a woman

-You are too young

-You need to tone down the pretty (here we go again, why is this a topic at every GALRE talk)


“ELECTED OFFICIALS, she shouted.”  She then said, "This made me work harder and she told the officials I will either go around you, go over you or get under you.  You will not stop me.”  If you speak to some wives in Hamilton, they will concur that she certaintly did get under some men. So this was a 100% true statement. She feels she has made a difference in Hamilton.  She has, for herself and her inner circle, which is a true statement. She actually jumped right in to talk about her nephews who are 12 and 10. Her first thought and statement had nothing to do with the residents of Hamilton.   She went on to say that she ran for office so she can make a difference for her family who she wants close to her. It is inconceivable that the Mayor went to this GALRE class and spoke nothing about government policy or things that would represent positivity to the residents of Hamilton, but she did.

The Mayor went on to speak about how she is attacked on social media. She stated she sleeps like a baby at night even though she is attacked every day. Her job every day is the make the town better. Yet, today, when residents called HAMSTAT to find out about the issue with their water, that they had to boil it, the township 5 hours into the water issue, had not contacted residents, done any robo-calls, contacted council, etc. When HAMSTAT was asked why the township not done robo-calls their response was,” that is something we are entertaining.”  One might ask, where is the emergency response system SOP in Hamilton? 

The mayor stated she automated all the processes in the township to include dog licenses. She shared how she pioneered the use of Twitter, FB and other social media to increase awareness of the township. Yet, recently the township performed a shred fest of paper documents for the food inspections and animal shelter that included 72 cubic feet of paper shredded.  During the councils committee investigation of the animal shelter it was discovered that there was zero digital documentation occurring.  

During the conversation, the mayor also shared that she has launched the most comprehensive neighborhood improvement programs.  There are over 700 homes that are vacant in Hamilton, many of which right now have Yaede for Mayor signage on them. Signs cannot vote and it is puzzling how the strategy was to bring further attention to the abandoned properties in the town.  However, the signage possibly does represent, THE MAYOR TAKES FULL OWNERSHIP OF THIS MESS YOU SEE BEHIND MY SIGN.

The Mayor then went on to negative speak her opponent for Mayor in Hamilton. Yet, 10 minutes prior she stated how she never says a negative word against a politician.  She stated that disgusting politics has not role in Hamilton. Yet, the attack ads, attacks to residents have all been orchestrated by herself and her team.  


Q & A section of the discussion

When asked what she would do if she does not win the election, the mayor responded with, “I can technically retire.”

When asked what she thought Hamilton’s biggest issue is, she responded with, ”Safety.”  She felt her appointment being focused on fixing the abandoned buildings was an incorrect strategy to take. But, the Mayor fails to realize that the number of abandoned buildings drives crime and poverty in a town. So, it’s not the crazy strategy as she stated in her discussion with the GALRE students.

One of the students asked her a question about the scandal around the animal shelter. Her response was, “There was a deal cut to give the shelter to an outside group and the deal was done between Mr. Martin and the shelter. That is where it all started. She went on to say, “If a resident could not afford to put their dog down, for $100 the township would do that for residents.”  One of the council members called her to put their dog down so they did it. They were not holding the dogs for 7 days and they put them all down.  They had a sign up with the offering to residents she stated. Governor Murphy hand-picked Mr. Martin to run for Mayor creating these issues.  The council put together a committee on the shelter and according to the mayor refused to interview the Supervising ACO or the vet who worked at the shelter. The township paid the vet $70,000 a year to work at the shelter.”

Yet, this was done so they could get information from all involved to make it a complete investigation. The ACO has been charged with animal cruelty and the vet was questioned more than once by the MCPO’s office.  



 This is what the water looked like Jan 2018. The Mayor was contacted, she never responded. 


When asked about why the restaurants were not inspected her response was, “Governor Murphy sent a letter out saying that they have to be inspected every year.”  It was a political hit job according to the Mayor as to why the restaurants were not inspected.

She closed with, once she no longer is effective; she will leave Hamilton.  The residents will have to break out their effective meters and do some measurements to calculate the date of departure for the current mayor.  Last night, the residents water smelled like sewage in Hamilton. Today, they got a message in the early afternoon to boil it.  This is not what a leader should be doing. When a resident called HAMSTAT at 8:30am thi morning, and ask them when they would be doing robo calls, they responsed with, " We are entertaining that idea."  Today, the mayor stated she was proud numerous times, the Mayor cannot be proud of these epic failures.

Posted by tammyduffy at 7:49 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 28 September 2019 7:28 AM EDT

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